Today’s Prayer (01/01/2019)

Lord, I know that the times that I feel unworthy of Your presence, I may not feel like I deserve You, but You come into my life anyways. And with my confessions, You cleanse me of my sins. This is when my shame and guilt, that I’ve kept inside for all that time, is now undone. Because You have come and purged me of my sins, I am able to refocus upon You and Your will. There is nothing that is stopping me any longer, for my guard is up and You are with me. I then know that I need You more than ever. I truly am a sitting duck and will easily fall victim to temptation without Your presence, ever so in my life. I am dead without You, but are alive in Your love. When You come and resurrect my soul, I am able to stand up and walk in faith again. It is, however, my own fault when I forget You and fall flat on my face, while giving into the lusts of the flesh. In these moments I feel so down and distraught. I feel like I have given up everything. I am so glad, however, that You don’t give up on me. You continue to reach Your hand of mercy out to me, that my sins may be cleansed. Even if it is again and again, You do it because You love me. Thank You for never forsaking me. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. Amen.
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