Today’s Prayer (12/21/2018)

Lord, I come to You in humility, this day. Just as You came into this world and was born in the lowest of circumstances, in a barn, I come to You, knowing that I am nothing without You. Nothing this world offers can substantiate the love that You give me. Only Your love can breathe life into my soul. I am sick of the tricks that this world plays on me and want Your peace to ever fill my life. I know that what the world offers does not last and all its happiness and joy fades away fast. Most of it has left me with heartache and shame. I do not wish to fall into a state of depression because of these things and need Your peace to come over me, that I might stand up strong. You give me strength that I don’t have otherwise. Each time I seek You for wisdom and knowledge, You answer my prayers and I have direction. Because You are in my life, I have a purpose. I am important because Your blood has covered me and I am redeemed. Because of Your mercy, all that shame has been turned into peace and love. Your grace has assured me that I am going places in this life and the next. And Lord, I do wish to always be with You. Even when I pass on from this life I wish to embrace You Lord and thank You in person for all You have done for me. I praise You and rejoice in Your holy Name. I love You so much. Amen.
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