Today’s Prayer (09/14/2018)

Oh Lord, I pray for the lost and the broken hearted. I know that so many people are living a life apart from You, Jesus, and it saddens me to the core. When I go on the streets and see so many people living their own lives and don’t want to hear Your message, this is heart breaking. However, I know that there is always somebody that is waiting and ready for Your message of hope. For You are preparing them. I am strengthened each time I can go out and find a person such as this that is ready to receive You, Jesus, into their lives. I pray that more people, each and every day, will discover You. May the darkness be scattered and Your light come inside of them. Come into their hearts and break those chains of addiction. Bring them out of a life of bondage and into Your love. May they experience Your joy that never ends. I know that what You have done for my life, You can do for anyone. As I was a wicked and vial sinner and You had compassion upon me, anyone can be forgiven. There is no one that is apart from Your love. You are our healer and can fix any problem in a person’s life. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. Amen.


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