Today’s Prayer (08/31/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray that more people in the faith will begin to trust in You. May they become true disciples of You and desire to be led by You also. May their lives find room for the Bible, prayer and witnessing Your truths to other people. I am grateful to be an evangelist and to go on the streets. There are just days that there are so many people to reach but only few of us. That is when my heart breaks for these people that miss out on Your gospel message. I can see the lost condition they are in and my heart faints when they miss out. Just thinking about what it would be like for them if they knew about You, Jesus, I know would be a life change. This is why making disciples is so important. Christians are more than believers but followers of You, and I pray that this sinks into their hearts. These dear brothers and sisters can be used do Your work if they but trust in You and lean on You, Lord. I pray that these wonderful people will join me in God’s harvest. May they lay aside their own priorities and begin to put You first in their lives. This is the start of them going all in for You, Lord. I know that You will make them courageous to do many great and marvelous things. Many more souls will be saved if people will just respond to Your call today. I trust in You, Lord. My hope is in You. I love You. Amen.
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