Today’s Prayer (05/09/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, may their be stirring in people’s hearts to read the Bible. May people begin to draw near unto You and Your words. I know that Your words are true. I believe in You and what is written is pure and holy. I am able to drawer unto You by reading the Bible daily. It did take a heart change to understand You meaning of Your words but it was worth it. I always wanted to read and find enlightenment and that finally came when I gave my life to You, Jesus. You saw my desire to get on the right path and Your mercy was for me. Thank You for forgiving me and pointing me on Your righteous path, that leads to heaven. With the Bible in my life, I am not lost but am made alive in Your love. You enlighten my mind, every day that I read. I am stronger in the faith because what You have said and done in my life. I pray Lord that those that are lost, will be found. Even those in the faith that have drifted away. May they all come to know You personally through daily Bible study and through prayer. Lead us all the way, Lord. We need You. We trust in You, God. I love You. Amen.
May 9, 2018
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