Today’s Prayer #1 (04/23/2018)

Daily Prayer:
I know that You are Lord and “good to all.” Your “tender mercies are over all” thy works. Your ways speak loudly of Your compassion for us all. Your love is so amazing. It has changed my life and the way I live. My eyes have been opened and I can see Your goodness all around me. You have led me by the hand and shown me the way. I am not blinded any longer, for Your light shines forth. I am on thy path, that leads to heaven, because of You Lord. You have seen through my imperfections and continue to help me along the way. Only Your blood could cover my sins. Your sacrifice gives me hope for a new day. Your love carries me forth and helps me become selfless like You, Lord. No one can match Your great power. Only You have the power to save us all. I trust in You Lord. My sights are above this earth and lifted up towards heaven. My desire is to be with You, in Your kingdom. Thy Kingdom is greater than all this world. I kingdom is mighty to save. I sing out in the majesty of my God. I was blinded but now I see Your wonderful works. Your mighty acts are before my eyes. Holiness to Your Name. I come unto You in humbleness, dear Lord. Your love is greater. I need Your holiness in my life. Come and preserve me from the enemy. You make me stronger. I sing to You, oh Lord and bless You. All the praises to Your Holy Name. I love You. Amen.
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