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Do You Truly Love God?

…ready to face your judge, Jesus Christ. His mercy is for everyone that repents and believes in Him. However, His wrath is upon those that deny their time to repentContinue Reading


…Jesus calls every sinner to repent. In His own words, He said, 3“except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” We can’t expect to play with fire and still be… Continue Reading

Two Types Of People

…is being convicted by God. He desires that they listen to Him and repent. Only then can they be cut loose from the bonds of sin and be made clean… Continue Reading

Friday Night Evangelizing

…the closer they will draw to the Lord. I continued down 8th and Main, and started preaching on Matthew, chapter 4. I declared, Jesus said 1“Repent: for the kingdom of… Continue Reading

Do Not Commit Adultery

…a command of God because adultery is abominable in the sight of God. It is not tolerated in the least. God’s mercy is for those that repent but anyone that… Continue Reading

Flee Sexual Immorality

…live in secret but confess openly their sins and repent. He asks all those men and women living a sexual lifestyle before marriage to turn away from their wickedness and… Continue Reading