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To Willfully Sin

…to God in judgement. Because they didn’t repent of their sins they will have to pay for their own sins in hell. Their souls will be required there. In Hebrews,… Continue Reading

Secret And Willful Sins

…of their hearts. They ought to repent and make things right with God and the person they offended but often this is left undone. Know that having our sins be… Continue Reading

Are You Ready To Die?

…If this isn’t your life now, then repent. Don’t sin and then say to yourself, “I can just repent later”. That is not how it works. Repent as to not… Continue Reading

Gifts Of The Spirit

…cursing God and denying the Lord Jesus, know that this is not of God and you should repent. This path will only lead to destruction. A Spirit led person would… Continue Reading

A Witness For Christ

…I have repented and live to do His will. This has become the greatest blessing of all to my life. To be in God’s presence, none compares. So as Jesus… Continue Reading