Joseph Smith Has Led Millions of People Astray

One day in judgment, every Mormon will eventually find out that their religion was false. Then will they wish they listened to true Christians and, most importantly, God while in their lifetime.

Suffering As A Christian

Christians suffer a lot. Persecutions come, as people try to still our joy. But in prayer, we are given the strength to overcome.

Unanswered Prayers

God listens to those who confess their sins and forsakes them, not people who willfully sin. Unanswered prayers are for a reason.

Baptism Saves Us

Baptism is very important to our salvation. This is when we put on Christ and tell Him that we desire to walk in the Spirit now.

Love Of Money

Being rich isn’t the problem, it is when people love their wealth, and possessions, and have little to do with God because of it.

The Mark Of The Beast Has Come

Be prepared and don’t get your name added to the vaccine passports that are coming. This could very well be the mark of the beast.

Lusts Of The Flesh

Our lust causes us to be cruel to people we love. It also causes us to do stupid things we will regret. God can fix all this.

An Untamed Tongue

Our tongue can get us in a lot of trouble. Only God can help tame it, that we may speak kind words and not curse words.

The LGBTQ+ Movement Is So Evil

Homosexuality is of the devil. They need to repent and become straight through the help of Jesus, lest they die and go to hell.

Chastisement From God

Sin and unbelief are what keeps us from following Jesus and being saved. If only they let God into their lives.

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations

COVID vaccinations are ushering in the mark of the beast system. With mandates happening, it is sooner than we think.


Our faith in Jesus is the most important thing to have in this life. Nothing is more important than submitting our lives to Him.

Jesus Is The Lamb Of God

Jesus is the lamb of God, who came to take away the sins of the world. Come unto Him and You will receive forgiveness and mercy.