Sound Doctrine In The Church

Sound doctrine is that men and women be sober, love their spouse, children, and God. They are to also abound in good works.

Rebuking False Teachers

False teachers need to be called out, in order to lead them and others to Jesus. Only He can open their eyes and save them.

We Are All Witnesses For Jesus

As believers in Jesus, we are to all be a light for Him in this darkened world. This means allowing the Spirit to open our mouths and do a work in our lives also.

Homosexuality And Pornography

People who are proud, lovers of their own selves, are without natural affection, and love pleasure, depart from the faith.

Rightly Dividing The Truth

It is important to study the Bible daily and to rightly divide the truth from what people say and from what God says in His Word.

The Love Of Money

It is the love of money that causes many people to go astray and to seek after the things of the world instead of God.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to every father on earth and to our Father in heaven. Much thanks for what you are doing for your family.

The Life Of A Christian

The life of a Christian should easily be seen among people in the faith and among unsaved people in the world.

More Than Praying For Others

As saints of God, we do more than pray for others, but also supplicate, pray, intercede, and give thanks for them also.

When To Give And Not To Give

It is important to give to others who truly have a need. God helps us know who is in this predicament. Trust in His guidance.


Fellowship and praying with one another is something that the early church did often. And we are to not be any different today.

Exhorted To Walk Worthy

Every member of Christ’s church should walk worthy of their faith in Him. Otherwise, they are only saying they believe in Jesus.

God’s Wisdom Is For us

We are capable of walking in wisdom, but only when God is near to our hearts. Seek His hand and you will speak His words also.

Utah Mission Trip (April 2021)

I give God praise and all the glory for this most wonderful mission trip to Utah. So many people heard the gospel and turned to Jesus.