How Does God See Your Heart?

Your everyday actions describe your heart for God or this world. He knows who has been renewed by the Holy Spirit and are saved.

My Rapture Dream

God opened up my eyes to see His Second Coming in a dream. It was then that the rapture began for His elect.

The Ways Of The Wicked

We are either doing God’s will or our own. Many people who profess to believe in Jesus do their own things and are not saved.

Job Was Losing Hope

Job only wanted comfort while in his trials, but it was nowhere to be found. Therefore, his hope was diminishing.

Death And Judgment

In death, our bodies will not rise until the day of our resurrection, while our spirits will wait for the judgement seat of Christ.

The Need For Repentance

If you fall into sin, immediately cry out to God for forgiveness. Then Jesus will save your soul and turn your heart to follow Him.