Pornography Is Giving In To Our Lust

There is a reason why I tell you that you need Jesus in your life. The reason is that Jesus died for your sins and there is forgiveness and life eternal because of the cross and resurrection.

King Rehoboam Listened To The Wrong Counsel

Rehoboam was given counsel from wise men who feared God, and also those that didn’t care to make things better for the people. Here is what they both presented to the king.

A Shadow Of Things To Come With Christ

If you want to know exactly what Jesus did for us on the cross, know that it is spelled out for us all throughout the Bible, even in the Old and New testaments.

Should We Face Jerusalem When We Pray?

You may wonder why I mention both the Jews and Muslims. My friends, it is because they are both using ancient traditions when it comes to their prayer life.

Solomon Received Wisdom And Knowledge

Every person that asks of the Lord, will gain different spiritual gifts like Solomon did. All he wanted was to gain wisdom and enough knowledge to judge the people, which God was happy about.

Tithes And Offerings Unto The Lord

Because churchgoers give with a willing heart, there are churches all around the globe that have their doors open on the weekend, and during the week.

What Will You Be Remembered By?

In David’s time, people were remembered in many different ways. We know this since people’s names and what they did are written in the book of Chronicles.

The Coronavirus And The Fourth Seal

So let’s now look at what the fourth seal entails in more detail. We got four things coming to the earth. The person riding the pale horse is called death and he is bringing war, starvation, plagues, and death by animals.

Casting Lots

Every person that was given a role to serve in the house of the Lord was mentioned. All these people were not anybody ordinary, but chief men, for God was not only important to them, but they showed their service to God also.

Jesus Said That We Will Do Greater Works

Did the disciples of Christ, in the Bible, believe what Jesus said? Yes, they did. Paul said, “for by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

What Do You Watch And Play On TV?

I only mention the things above, because my life has been radically changed for God. My music choices have also been changed, according to God’s will.