Life Is A Gift From God

As parents, we repent, as we also teach our kids, for if we neglect this opportunity we know there will be consequences come judgement day.

Do Not Celebrate Halloween

Those that are being led by God can see what is wicked and what is righteous. Everything that is of the world is made crystal clear to them.

The Love Of Money Is Evil

The more money a person has, also comes many foolish thoughts and decisions, if God is not involved.

God’s Wisdom Gives Us Guidance

Paul said that those that drink to get drunk will not inter the kingdom of God but instead be shutout. The same can be said for those people that are into drugs or sexual sin.

Be Humble Like A Little Child

We learn that heaven is among those people that are humble. They are not proud and sinful in their own ways, but ever learning and following God’s will.

Jesus Spoke To Me

Jesus came to me, when I could not sleep. He called my Name and immediately brought peace to my body and soul.

Foolish Or Wise

If foolish people would be open and hearken to the message of the gospel, then they would see how gracious God really is.


We’ve learned that participating in a holiday that has a demonic background is wrong. This is like playing with fire.

The Realization Of A Fool

For a person to become saved, they need to first realize that they are a sinner and need Jesus. Without their need for a Savior, they will continue to be lost until death.

Time Is Short, Live In God’s Love

The life we have been given from God is not meant to be dull but instead, full of life. If you think that being a Christian means not having fun in life, then you are mistaken.

The Time Of Death

It is not worth wasting your time doing frivolous things that will not help you but only deter you when it comes to your salvation.

Be A Light

The people that have known us from the past, won’t help but see something different about us, if we are indeed a follower of Jesus.

Utah Mission Trip (10/08/18)

What is true is the Jesus paid for our sins on the cross and not Gethsemane, as the Bible teaches. That Deacons are to have one wife like Bishops, as the Bible teaches.

Utah Mission Trip (10/07/18)

Why is it that God cursed the white people of the Book of Mormon and caused them to have black skin when the God of the Bible doesn’t care about the outside appearance?

Utah Mission Trip (10/06/18)

We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, particularly the importance of the cross and how Jesus paid the price for our sins.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/18)

I pray that many people will come to faith and for those that have known God, will come back to Him. We give this trip to God.

Our Destination

Know this for certain that, in heaven, the people there will experience joy and happiness that never ends.

Shine Down Upon Us, God

In regards to God and the wisdom He gives to His children, it is so marvelous that it is impossible to imagine.