Jesus Spoke To Me

I know that some people may not believe me but Jesus spoke to me last night, before finally going to sleep. I remember calling His Name, over and over again, while asking for His help, because I could not sleep. I needed a miracle and asked Him for healing as I held my left foot. My foot was so restless and nothing I could do would help. Not even the most soothing sleep music and a sleep aid. So my prayers continued more and more, as I called upon Jesus to help me find rest and get to sleep. Then after a half an hour or so of continuous prayer and calling on God, my prayers were answered. In the middle of praying, I heard a loud voice. The sound was as if it came roaring from the heavens above. And in that moment, my name was called, “Paul”. And I immediately knew it was the Lord Jesus. I was startled at first but then answered His call without even thinking twice. It was this call that led to an amazing conversation. I also witnessed Jesus in His abundant light. Even though I am unable to remember the details of what was said to each other and much else, I know that this experience will exponentially grow my faith and help others. It was soon after this that peace filled my body and my pains were gone. At this point I found rest, while falling right to sleep. So as much as I would love to tell more , that part of my story cannot be told. I just know that it was wonderful, as He was in my very presence. There was a white light and I could really see Him. He was standing over me in white, and all glorious. I am still left in awe. Surely, nothing I could do could help me last night, as it was way past midnight and I was in pain, but only Jesus. Even being wide awake, His voice and presence was enough to put me right to sleep. I will testify that praying more and more fervently had me experience the most amazing experience ever and that was Jesus in my midst. I will never forget this and always remember that Jesus is listening and waiting to respond. I am blown away and had to tell my wife, when I got home from work today. Now, you are my witness that Jesus is alive, for I witnessed His very presence myself. All the glory to God for allowing this. All praises to my King.

Although some people may discount an experience such as this. What I saw was true. This is now the third time that I have either heard or seen Jesus. Twice seen and twice heard in three different experiences. Once, Jesus said my sins were forgiven, as I was driving. Second, I saw Jesus in the road for a couple of minutes. And third, yesterday I heard and saw Him call my name before going to sleep. The Lord God has come to me on three accounts now and I am His witness.

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