Utah Mission Trip (10/08/18)

Today was the last day at the Salt Lake City Temple and again God prepared the way for us. Though the Mormon Conference was over, the harvest was still ripe and we were led to talk with several people. Those people included a guy that believed himself to be Jesus, a guy that had once become Christian but later fell away, and two Sister Mormon Missionaries. Each of them were different in how we were able to reach but still the Holy Spirit gave us words to speak to them. For the man that proclaimed to be Jesus, he recently had a dream and later drove all the way down to Utah. It sure was strange but still worthwhile to talk with him. As he is Mormon and finding out he whole heartedly believed to be Jesus. Because of this, he felt a need to come to the temple in Salt Lake City and claim what is rightfully his. The thing is, with any person that gets these types of premonitions, it is always based on an evil spirit, and cannot be trusted. As Jesus taught about false Christ’s, he fulfilled this, as being one of them. And as a Christian, we could easily look through this type of man and see that what he really is and that is crazy and led by Satan. However, as he was totally convinced of the fact that he was Jesus, there was nothing we could say that could change his opinion. No Bible teaching about the true characteristics of our Messiah made any difference, as he did not rely on the Bible, for it was all figurative to Him. This is a big sign of a false Christ. He also could not justify his way out of Jesus coming in the clouds, at the Second Coming. What he said was laughable, as he said that clouds meant iCloud on his iPhone. So he came via the internet. His concept of Jesus and God was also so wrong. Therefore, after a while of talking with him, we all rebuked his dream and told him he was a following a lie and has become a false Christ. At the same time, we showed our love towards him, as we shared the gospel truths of the true Jesus Christ. Before leaving him, I sensed he was without food or water, so I gave him some water and trail mix. Our time together was very interesting indeed. This goes to the fact that Satan is powerful and can lead people like this to do and say things that are so wrong.

In regards to the man that once was Christian but then left the faith, we met him much like the last person. As we were walking down a different path, I stopped and asked him how he felt about the cross. His answer was that he didn’t know but knew that Jesus died for our sins. As he was speaking, I could sense that he was once believed in Jesus and asked him what faith he belonged to. His response was that he was never Mormon but a while ago had come to know Jesus through an alter call, but soon fell away. In that moment, we each explained that Jesus was waiting for his return and that he could not fall far enough for Jesus to forgive him. After sharing the gospel with him I asked him if he would start reading the Bible again and pray. As the times that I do not read is when I also fall away into sin and addiction. I explained that God’s Word would help lead him on the right path and do as God says. Before leaving, he said that he was searching and that he would start seeking God today. Praise the Lord for his desire to act on what we shared with him.

Lastly, we saw these two Mormon Sister Missionaries walking towards us. So the two Patrick’s and I stopped and talked to them as well. From the beginning of our conversation, I had this desire to not hold back but share what is true and what is false. What is true is the Jesus paid for our sins on the cross and not Gethsemane, as the Bible teaches. That Deacons are to have one wife like Bishops, as the Bible teaches. That the Book of Abraham is proven false, according to the LDS Essay. We explained that a restored church would also have deacons that were married. That false books would not be among the true church. That a person that falsified a translation is also a false prophet. Therefore, as the book of Abraham crumbles, so does the prophet Joseph Smith and then the Mormon Church. Also, their mention of the gospel being faith, repentance, baptism and the laying on hands, is another gospel, as it is clear that Jesus dying for sins and rising the third day is the true gospel. Therefore, they are denying the gospel of the Bible and following a false gospel. Lastly, as Deacons, Bishops and Prophets are to have one wife, there church is not the same as in the New Testament and therefore not restored by God. As their deacons can start as early as 12 and their early prophets had more than one wife, this goes against the teachings of the Bible. After hitting these points, we mentioned that although the Mormon Church is false, it does not mean that we should leave Jesus. As Jesus is still our Lord and Savior. And that because He died for sins and was resurrected, all those that believe in Him shall be saved. What we stressed was that Jesus is the way and leaving Mormonism to Jesus is important for our salvation. For any other gospel but that is taught from the Bible is accursed. Before leaving them, the shorter of the two asked for my devotional card. As I read from my site and mentioned things from it, she was very interested in knowing more. Even the taller lady was interested. Praise the Lord for them hearing us out and listing to their heart.

Surely, the Holy Spirit was with us tonight and many people were touched by God’s truth and love. What a wonderful trip to Utah. I will never forget the experiences and people that we met. Including Patrick from Utah. He was a great addition to our evangelism efforts.

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