Trust In God

Love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. Serve others in any circumstance that comes your way.

There Is Freedom In The Lord

One day all the wicked shall be destroyed. The Lord plays no part in iniquity. There is still time for all sinners to come to Christ.

Share The Lord’s Message

Love is the key ingredient in the Lord’s plan. It has power to convict the most wicked heart. The Lord desires that we share His message out of love.

Lay Down Your Pride

We need to be found wanting to be part of the Lord’s kingdom. We need to look past ourselves and look to God.

Prepare To Meet God

Come to the Lord in prayer and repent of your sins. Seek the Lord’s mercy and you shall be healed. If you sincerely desire for change you shall be forgiven.

All Praise God

My faith is unwavering for Jesus is my shield. I am strong for He gives me strength. His love burns in my soul. I am alive for He has given me new life.

The Love Of Jesus

Come to Jesus and He will give you a new life. He offers us the bread of life. If we might eat, we will be filled.

Let Love Rule Your Marriage

My life was in ruins until I came to Christ. I pleaded with Him to help my marriage. I pleaded for another chance at life.

Conform To God’s Will

Seek the Lords love and you will be satisfied. His love is like a cool breeze in a hot sunny day. It feels amazing and cools our raging hearts.

Recommit To The Lord

Come to the Lord with a sincere heart in prayer. Unload everything that is on your mind. Cry out to Him for comfort.

God Is Most Important

Spending time in prayer will help us develop a relationship with God. His love will come into our heart and burst forth out of us.

Our Souls Are Alive In Jesus

We were dead but are made alive through Jesus’s love. He overcame death that we might live with Him for eternity.

Awake To The Lord

The Lord expects more of His followers than just Sunday worship. We are to seek Him daily and follow His teachings.

Call Upon The Lord

Give your heart to the one who gives life. Lean on the Lord and He will be with you. He will never be far from you when you need Him.

Follow The Lord

There is no one like You, Lord. Whenever I speak You listen. You bring joy to my life. I will never thank You enough.

Love The Lord

Seek The Lord’s love and not your own. Be patient with others. Be kind and considerate of others feelings.

The Word Of God Speaks

Read the Bible with a new desire and the Lord will come into your life. You will hear Him speaking to you as you read.

Seek The Lord’s Presence

Seek humility that you may better follow Him. Seek answers that you may have direction in life. He is our King and knows what’s best for us.

Cast Out Your Idols

Anything that is put in place of God is an idol. if we keep serving the idol, the larger it will get, until it has taken us over.

Give Thanks To God

Seek the Lord’s presence and you shall find mercy. Come before the King and give Him thanks for He is worthy.

Come Back To The Lord

Nothing will give us eternal satisfaction but God. There is hope for any of you that have fallen away from God.

Counsel With The Lord

Each day that we live, seek after the Lord. If something sounds contrary to God’s will seek His counsel and abide by it.

Build Up Your Faith In Jesus

Run to the Lord that you may be filled with His love. Keep yourself close to His heart. He will feed your soul with love.

Share The Gospel

Counsel with the Lord in prayer. Share His gospel with boldness. When Jesus is our shield there is no fear.

Walk In The Truth

Seek to love the Lord our God. Love our neighbor as ourselves. Let this love take you deeper than ever before.

The Bible Is A Witness of Jesus

The Spirit testifies that the Bible is true. We can come to know the Lord through reading it. Follow Him and hear His voice.

Add To Your Faith

Continue to add to your faith each day. Come to know Jesus and you will make better choices. His love will grow within you.

Come To Know The Lord

We will blessed as we trust in the Lord. The Lord loves us and wants the best for us. He will be with us and give us comfort.

Jesus Died That We Might Live

Give your lives to Jesus. Let Him be a light in your life. There is hope and salvation through our Lord Jesus. He felt all our pains that our sins may be washed away.