Jesus Said He Is God And Worship Me

The God of Israel said that every knee shall bow before Him and that he is God and no one else. This means that there is only one true God in the heavens

Important Facts About Jesus

Jesus is God, the Creator, our Judge, the Messiah, was born, died for our sins, rose from the grave, and is returning.

Jesus Is Our God And Savior

Jesus is God, having always been with the Father. He created all things, and came down to earth to pay the price for our sins.

Pulling Mormons Out Of The Fire

My true desire in life is to lead Mormons to Jesus. I love them so much as to help them come out of the fire and to the foot of Jesus for salvation.

False Beliefs In Mormonism

Mormon Teachings are in opposition with the Bible Teachings. This is obvious when we see the teachings side by side.

Homo Erectus and Neanderthals, Man or Myth?

I know this might be a touchy subject for some people, it might either make you uncomfortable or even have you in outright denial. If you are one of these people just know I am not promoting evolution, rather I am trying to help you understand who Neanderthals and Homo Erectus are. For quick reassurance,

Mormonism Is Run By Satan

Mormonism is led by Satan, of which he has called false prophets to deceive people. It started with Joseph Smith, a con man.

Mormon Jesus: He Became God

Mormons are not Christians, and this is because of how they downplay Jesus as God. They don’t believe He was always God. How Jesus had to become a God like unto all other Gods before Him. Bruce McConkie wrote, “the Lord Jesus worked out his own salvation.” (Our Relationship With The Lord, pg. 9) Joseph