Homo Erectus and Neanderthals, Man or Myth?

I know this might be a touchy subject for some people, it might either make you uncomfortable or even have you in outright denial. If you are one of these people just know I am not promoting evolution, rather I am trying to help you understand who Neanderthals and Homo Erectus are.

For quick reassurance, Homo Erectus and Neanderthals are not our “Evolutionary Ancestors” but merely Humans who look different. In (Genesis 1:24) we hear God make every creature according to its “Kind” notice the key word “Kind” later on when God was about to send The Flood God in (Genesis 6:20) instructed Noah to bring two of Each “Kind” of Animal, again there it is “Kind” that word again is used, now I know what you are thinking, “What does Kind have to do with anything?” Well if you might or might not ask I will answer anyways, it has everything to do with kind.

Dogs have many variations, Chickens have many variations, Cats have many variations, etc. However, there is something very interesting, do you ever see a Dog produce something other than a Dog? DO you ever see a Cat produce anything other than a Cat, or Chickens anything other than chickens? The answer is no. Chickens of different varieties can have baby chickens with other variations of Chickens because they are the same kind, they may look different, but they will forever be Chickens, same with Cats and Dogs, they can only reproduce with their own kind. It is a Biological fact that other animals cannot reproduce with another animal not related to its Kind, Dogs cannot reproduce with Cats and vise versa. I know I repeated myself, but it is to get a point across.

The reason I bring this up is the fact that Homo Erectus and Neanderthal DNA still exist today in Modern Humans, that means intermarrying of these beings with Modern Man. If Homo Erectus and Neanderthals are not the same species they couldn’t reproduce with us, so the fact that we find their DNA in us today shows they are not different species but a different variety of Human being, descended from Adam and Eve like the rest of us today. While I haven’t done much research into Homo Erectus I have done some research into Neanderthals and have found quite an astonishing amount of Information. Science Daily reports they buried their dead, NPR released a study that Neanderthals used makeup, Neanderthals even built architecture. The website “Answers In Genesis” has tons of articles about Neanderthals some of them going really deep into the sources that shows clearly and plainly that Neanderthals are not, “Another Species” but Human beings with a culture and society that even mingled with Modern Man showing clearly their Humanity.

I actually have to point this out but Homo Erectus and Neanderthal’s have different skeletal structures from Modern Man. This however doesn’t make them another species either Skeletal structure variations of people even today vary from each other, just like facial features and skin tones, however that doesn’t diminish someone from being Human just for looking different from what we are used to today, Neanderthals skeletal structure are thicker than ours today and Homo Erectus Skulls and Brow ridge are thicker just like Neanderthals.

Someone might ask me, “How did they come to be?” and that is a good question, and it goes to a little after the Tower of Babel in my opinion. When God scattered mankind throughout the world after confusing their language in (Genesis 11) people started to travel across the world in small groups and settling into places we know today, some of these people moved upward into Europe some of them a little to far up North where the Ice Age was happening (do to the fact the Flood changed the worlds climate and for the first couple centuries after the flood it was trying to stabilize the weather but do to temp change and pattern changes caused mass freezing and weather anomalies) and as a result adapted to the changes in both bone structure and looks giving us what we have today as Neanderthals during this time people moved into Africa where they began to change also into Homo Erectus and in Asia the same thing. It all clearly aligns with Science and Human History, along with the Bible.

In conclusion if you are Christian who is uncomfortable with this topic or just someone curious what Christians have to say about different types of Humans then I can confidently tell you and everyone else I talk about this stuff with this, “They are Human beings!” shout it to the rooftops, the best thing is about 1-2 percent of neanderthal DNA exist in people of Asian and European ancestry, as well as Homo Erectus DNA that shows up rarely in modern DNA. Not only are they Human, but they also left their mark on us, and History.

I hope this article helped some people today and hope you continue to seek the truth through the Bible and would highly encourage people to do more research on the topic.

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