The Second Beast

In the future, people will need to have a mark on their forehead or right hand in order to buy or sell, much like the COVID vaccine.

The Mark Of The Beast Has Come

Be prepared and don’t get your name added to the vaccine passports that are coming. This could very well be the mark of the beast.

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations

COVID vaccinations are ushering in the mark of the beast system. With mandates happening, it is sooner than we think.

Masks And The COVID Vaccine

Just because most people wear masks and are getting the vaccine, it doesn’t mean it is right. Do what God says and not the world.

The Mark Of The Beast: Part 2

First the mask mandate and then the COVID vaccine mandate. Only God’s elect will be ready for it and also resist it at all costs.

The Mark Of The Beast: Part 1

The mark of the beast is coming around the corner. Be watchful and ready to resist getting the vaccine and later on the mark.

Safety In Times Of War And Disease

God is always ready to go forth with us, even in every battle we face. He is so merciful and just, even to those that believe in His Name.

King Rehoboam Listened To The Wrong Counsel

Rehoboam was given counsel from wise men who feared God, and also those that didn’t care to make things better for the people. Here is what they both presented to the king.

What Will You Be Remembered By?

In David’s time, people were remembered in many different ways. We know this since people’s names and what they did are written in the book of Chronicles.

The Coronavirus And The Fourth Seal

So let’s now look at what the fourth seal entails in more detail. We got four things coming to the earth. The person riding the pale horse is called death and he is bringing war, starvation, plagues, and death by animals.