Today’s Prayer (03/14/2023)

Oh Lord, please help the Mormons trust the Bible and stop doubting its truths altogether. Their Book of Mormon may say that plain and precious truths were lost over time, but this is only to cause them to distrust the Bible. Surely, You have given us exactly what we need in the Biblical canon. I am not here, Lord, to judge what canon people use, if it is the 66 canon or the eastern orthodox canon that has 81 books. This actually makes me happy to know that You have preserved Your books of scripture for us today. There have been many book burnings, especially around 200B, when many Jewish scrolls were taken and burned. Your people were also greatly persecuted. I don’t doubt that the original scrolls were lost, but am so happy that we do have copies of scrolls that date around the same time periods. Surely, only You could preserve Your words in scripture so perfectly. I am not saying that other Books from the past may still be found, seeing how wonderful the findings of the dead sea scrolls have been. I love to hear these stories of people finding ancient Biblical scrolls that date thousands of years in the past. You are so good God to bring them to light. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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