Today’s Prayer (03/13/2023)

Lord, I pray that people will seek earnestly to have the gifts of the Spirit in their lives. So many people could have You in their midst if only the spirit of God was with them. Churches don’t have to be dull and without any excitement, for when the Spirit of the Lord is with us, there is much to rejoice about. God, I am so grateful for the revival that took place in Asbury Kentucky. May the Holy Spirit remain in that city and in the people that came. Lord, this is a miracle that took place that surely only You could have done. Now, we have thousands of more people that have given their lives over to You, Jesus, and are saved. God, this is what I hope for in my city and in the places I go on mission trips to like Salt Lake City. Lord, take out all the darkness and usher in the light of Spirit from on high. Fill all the earth with Your presence. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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