Today’s Prayer (03/02/2023)

Oh Lord God of the heavens, come quickly. I am grateful for this life on earth, but it would be better with You physically with us. I receive You as my Lord and King. This day I lay down my life to serve You. Have Your way in me. Take away all my distractions, that I might learn from You, my Father. Thank You for all the ample opportunities to serve You in Your kingdom. Today, I had two beautiful conversations with a Christian and also a Mormon. It is sad to see how hard-hearted this Mormon was on the video call, but I know that while I was with Him seeds were planted. False beliefs were challenged and You were put at the forefront of our discussion. Lord, thank You for giving me words to speak. Surely, Your words are like a piercing sword. Many people are not ready when You speak to us, for it challenges what we know now as truth. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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