Today’s Prayer (03/01/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for the souls of Mormons. They are on the path of destruction now, but I know that some of them are at least searching for truth and are ready to give their lives to You, Jesus. It will take them to give up many of their beliefs in order to do so, for currently, they believe in a false Christ. Learning the truth means leaving what we know behind, which I know will be difficult for many. They have hard hearts for a reason, for they do not ever want to hear that what they believe in could be false. This would destroy everything they know and trust, even their marriage. God, I know of many couples who separate or divorce because one spouse finds out the truth of Mormonism and then resigns. Even the person’s family often deserts them or no longer invites them over to family functions. For me, God, my family didn’t invite me to family functions for a few years when I left Mormons. Even now, they hate it when I bring up conversations about Your teachings that are contrary to their own. This is sad, for it shows how hard-hearted they really are. Open their minds and hearts, God. I love You. Amen.

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