Today’s Prayer (01/05/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that the Mormon people will stop thinking that those who are gentiles are unsaved, or that we have built up false churches. Surely, their book of Mormon has caused them to think this way. I love these people, but to help them think differently when it comes to You and your people on earth is very difficult. Lord, my only desire is to lead them to know You. To deny themselves and to come to You completely. To allow You to help them unlearn the lies, including every false teaching. I have seen this happen with many people who have left Mormonism and have found You as their Lord and Savior. I give You thanks for saving me also from this cult. Satan had his clutches in me for some time while I was a part of it. I wanted to defend it with my firm testimony in the Mormon church, but slowly over time You worked on my heart until it became broken. I may have lost my testimony in a church, but found something much better. I found You, Jesus. You saved me. Thank You, Lord. I love You, Amen.

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