Today’s Prayer (11/30/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that not only me but millions of other Christians will reach the Mormon people with the truth. They are blind and cannot see. Their false teachers have raised them since they were little to think that only they have the truth. Only those whom You have given sight to can see their false teachings and know that they are on the path of destruction, not heaven. God, help me to portray what is true and faithful in a way that will interest people. I can reach them in better ways then I have in the past. All I ask is that the Holy Spirit gives me words to speak, then I will do Your will and not my own. Lord, their false atonement teachings are complete heresy and I simply don’t understand why Mormons cannot see this. How can they take away from the true atonement, which is the cross, and move the suffering for sins in the garden? Lord, this is blasphemy. I feel sorry for them. Lord, lead me to people who will hear You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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