Today’s Prayer (11/13/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the people in Mormonism. Surely, they have been led astray by their founding prophet, Joseph Smith, to believe in and teach a false gospel. He was so sly to write in his Book of Mormon that payment for sins happened in the garden. He knew this was false but still added this false belief to his book, which has damned his soul to hell. Lord, I know that many Mormons have died over these two hundred years since this cult was established. People have died in their sins while believing in a false prophet and false gospel. This is a great travesty that didn’t have to happen. One man elevated himself to godhood while teaching his followers that they would be exalted to godhood also, which is of the devil. God, these people act very religious and appear to be Christian, but inwardly their beliefs are so vile and wicked. You have shown me that they are on the path of destruction, but I still pray that some of them will come out of it and to You for salvation when all is set and done. They still have time to be saved. I love You, Jesus. I believe in You. Amen.
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