Today’s Prayer (10/19/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s hearts will open up to people in need. My heart breaks each time I see homeless, and others that are poor. To rush in and give them something to drink and some food is the least I can do. I may not have any money to give them, but knowing that they are fed and are warm at night is what I care about most. So God, lead me to more people who are in need. It brightens my day as much as it brightens their day to see someone help them. I can still remember the homeless lady that I took into Walmart to get some mashed potatoes and chicken, along with a drink. Her face lit up when she saw the food, knowing she hadn’t eaten all day. Lord, when I found out that she hadn’t eaten at all for the day, I almost started to cry. Thank You, God, for putting her on my path those few weeks back. I can still remember helping her like it was today. It is my prayer that You put the same burden in every Christian’s heart to help people in need. May we not let any of these wonderful people leave us without being fed, and even clothed. This Is my true desire. I love You, Jesus. Be me with me, God. Amen.
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