Today’s Prayer (08/26/2022)

Oh Lord, help those who are in need. I am speaking of people who are in the midst of trials and don’t know where to turn. Help them find peace in Your presence. Reveal Yourself to them in a way that they will find comfort and knowledge of who You are, Jesus. I hope to lead more people, who are on the path of destruction, to You and Your abundant light. There is peace that is beyond our understanding when You are with us. I am no longer the one in control, but You, Jesus, are walking right with me. Keep me upright, that I might not fall to the schemes of the evil one. All I desire is to live for You and do as You say. Speak to me, Lord. Give me wisdom. I am one of Your sheep and need a Shepherd to lead me where I should go. I trust in You, Lord. People have failed me, but You have never forsaken me. I may not have always done the right things, but You have seen the potential in me still. I’ve given up on many people throughout my life, but You have never given up on me. There is no one like You, God. You are my deliverer, my rock, my fortress, and my firm foundation. I am loved by the most beautiful, majestic, awesome, mighty, and powerful being, of whom I love with all my heart. I give You glory and praise, Jesus. I love You, Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy Name. Amen.
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