Today’s Prayer (07/02/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in the Mormon church will come to a realization of their false teachings. I realize that many of them hate me for trying to show them the truth from the Bible, while exposing their false teachings. This is very sad, for all I’ve ever wanted was to pull these lost people out of the fire and to Your feet, Jesus, for salvation. It may appear to be pushing a belief system onto someone, but in reality, I am sharing Your truths with the power of the Holy Spirit. I can do nothing unless Your Spirit is with me. I am dead in my sins if You are not with me. Thank God, that You are real and have transformed my life. I was once lost in my sins until You pulled me out of it. Thank You, God. I am only one person out of billions of others. We all need Your help and guidance on a day-to-day basis. Have Your way in my life. Lead me to people who are ready to receive You into their lives. Not just for the moment, but a life that is willing to endure all life’s trials for Your sake, Jesus. Surely, a life with You is not easy, but worth it. I admit that I do not know everything, that is why I lean on You for wisdom each day of my life. I love You, Lord. Never leave me. Amen.
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