Today’s Prayer (06/10/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will continue to help me in the lost world we live in. There is so much evil in the world we live in. Because of all the wickedness, leaving you is so easy for most people. Thankfully, You have me and I will never go back to the life I once lived. To sin willfully against You is so wicked and I pray that people will repent of their iniquity immediately if they ever realize this is happening. Thank You for sending angels to go before me, in order to help me to not do things that will keep me apart from You. I love Your ways and am grateful to know a God that is so real that He actually helps me in life. I can rely on You, for You are alive and well in every true believer. One thing I know is that sin separates us from You. It fights against what we believe in and unfortunately wins with many people on earth. Lord, I pray that You will lead me from temptation. If I am ever not walking on Your narrow path, but a broad road instead, help me realize this before it is too late. It is only heaven that I want. I want to be where You are, Lord. Help me also bring others with me. I love You, God. Amen.
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