Today’s Prayer (05/31/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will understand that You are only for a man having one wife in marriage. The Bible speaks clearly about this and it is sad to see different cults like Mormonism misinterpret different verses to justify their polygamist acts in their church’s history. It is terrible to see this in so-called churches that put Your name in their churches name. This is so deceptive, especially when their teachings do not come from You but from men on earth. Lord, wake people up to every type of false belief and evil tradition that comes from evil men and women on earth. I know that many of these people are simply sifted into this type of cultish lifestyle because they don’t know any better. They don’t read or understand Your words in the Bible so accepting a teaching like temple buildings, baptisms for the dead, eternal marriage, priesthood for men, and others come so easy. What has happened to the hunger in people’s hearts for You and Your words? Who still reads and studies the Bible daily? Who still prays often? If this was happening, then more people would learn from You. I love You, God. Amen.
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