Today’s Prayer (04/14/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help people understand when they are in sin that they may be pricked in their hearts and repent. I pray for a revival to take place inside people’s lives and hearts. I have seen people who were once homosexual that are now straight and also married. Talking to these people, they all say that You came into their lives and transformed them from the inside out. You came and cast out the darkness and evil spirits that abound in homosexuals and replaced what they once had with the Holy Spirit and light abundant. Truly, You can do all things. I believe that You have a work for every person on this earth. If people could just see their potential for Your kingdom, they would be running to You in all their confessions. Then, would they desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit in a way like never before. Lord, as You are holy, help me to also be holy. As You are righteous, help me to be righteous. I don’t want to be ruled by anything in this world that is not for You. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Amen.
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