Today’s Prayer (03/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I worship You, my King. Come into this place and fill us with Your presence. May Your will be done in my life today and forever. I will live for You now as if I was in heaven. No matter if persecution comes, doing Your will is more important than the anguish I may feel in the body. If I am made fun of, spit upon, tortured, or is killed in Your service, let it be. I will go down fighting the good fight, which is sharing Your good news up until my last breath. I know that I have many people that hate me, but that comes with the exposure of spreading Your truth for so many years. I know that I cannot stop what is taking place behind closed doors and on social media sites. What I ask of people is to consider the message I am presenting and to not fight against Your messenger. Lord, every person needs to know about Your sacrifice on the cross, in order for Your blood to cover them. I may have no words to speak at times when people come to me, but You fill me and I cannot stop declaring and what You did for us, Jesus, on the cross. I love You, Lord. Your blood has cleansed me and made me whole. Amen.
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