Today’s Prayer (02/18/2022)

Oh Lord and God of the heavens, come and put Your Spirit in us. Help us to walk in Your ways and not the ways of this world. There are so many evil forces out there that are trying to get us to budge and have us forsake our faith in You. However, I know that You are greater than anything in this world. Each time I read the Bible and pray I am filled up with so much strength to resist temptation and to even fight against things my flesh desires. I love it when I find myself praising You and seeing the enemy flee. Surely, Satan hates it when we worship You, Jesus. Therefore, even now will I praise You. I give You glory, honor, and thanksgiving. You deserve everything we could offer at Your feet. Take every ounce of sin from our lives. This means our desires to steal, covet, fornicate, cuss, lie, get drunk, do drugs, be angry without a cause, and more. Take it all from our lives. Change us from within, that we might walk in Your statutes. All I desire is to have Your holiness, peace, joy, love, and mercy in my life. You are so patient with me. Thank You for forgiving me, although I don’t always deserve it. I am so grateful to have You in my life, Lord. I don’t wish for You to ever leave me. Heaven is what I look forward to. I love You, God. Amen.
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