Today’s Prayer (10/30/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for my family and others who are stuck in the Mormon cult. I know that my words will never help them in any way unless their heart is open to Your truth. Otherwise, it is like talking to myself. I wish that I could show them what it means to really know You, Jesus. Those in Mormonism do works for the dead which is so wrong and blasphemes what is taught in the Bible. If people could simply seek Your face on a daily basis through Bible study and constant prayer, they could know Your truth and also cling to it. One thing I know Lord, is that many people will laugh as they read this prayer. Nothing I say will make a difference until maybe the end of what I pray. Lord, I just ask why? Why are these people so closed off to anything that goes against their church? Could it be that Christians around the globe are being led by the Holy Spirit and are now able to see the fruits of false religions like this. One false prophet cannot die and a good one come forth afterward in the same cult. This is logically impossible and wrong, but still, the people in this cult discard things from their former prophets of old and now look to the current teachings of their prophets. As for me, I am so glad that the true church comes from You alone, Jesus. We aren’t led by men who can lead us down a path of darkness, but You alone, Lord. I love You, God. I give You praise and honor. Amen.
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