Today’s Prayer (08/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will find out the truth before their time is up. Our time is short and I wish that more people would be saved before their life comes to an end, but I cannot force anybody to give up their false beliefs. These false beliefs weigh heavy on people in this life, which makes it very difficult to speak the truth to them. I know that You can do it, but only if people would humble themselves. Then, can people see that You are drawing them to You and are willing to conform their minds with Your true teachings. I wish that people would know this to be true. There is so much more joy in this life when we are found to be on Your side. Otherwise, we are in danger of hellfire when we die. I do not want this for people and am so happy that You have come to save a wretch like me. I owe everything to You. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.
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2 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer (08/10/2021)”

  1. Can anyone please help me I am desperate to be baptised in the name above all names Jesus Christ I was falsely baptised as a baby and now I need someone anointed by God almighty to baptise me in Jesus Christ name before he returns.we are in the final hour time is running out and I am in fear I will not make it to heaven.christ Jesus told us we are to be baptised in his name and if we are not born again we cannot go to heaven and this thought of going to hell for eternity because I could not find a truly anointed believer in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ is making me feel stressed to a point we’re I feel trapped and that my end will be a in the fire lake hell.some one please bring me peace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ God bless and peace be with you

    • What state are you in? I’d love to send some Bible believing Christians your way to baptism you. Love your desire to surrender your life to Jesus. God bless you.


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