Today’s Prayer (06/25/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to wake up to their sins. I am afraid that too many people who believe they are saved are not. That because they live in a willful sinful state, they have chosen a life without You. If they simply got a slap in the face or water splashed in their faces, maybe they would wake up and say sorry. Yes, God, You deserve to hear our sincere confessions, not a person confessing to their priest in order to just do the same sinful act again. This is meaningless and I cannot believe this blasphemy is still happening today. Where is purity in people’s lives? Are people even desirous to live a life pleasing in Your sight anymore? I know that I am but am also ridiculed as being a Jesus freak because of it. If people just knew what they were saying, then they would also want to be a Jesus freak also. What does this mean, it means that I want to live in Your presence and do Your will above all. The flesh is weak, but it does not have to ruin what I have with You, God. I’ve been addicted to pornography before, but I know how it turned my heart away from You, so it has become wicked in my sight. Along with this sin, the sin of homosexuality is plaguing this world like a sore thumb. What is even more awful is that there are churches that support it. Wow! I still cannot believe churches have stooped so low. Wake them up, oh Lord. I believe in You. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.

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