Today’s Prayer (05/15/2021)

Oh Lord, will Your people open their hearts to know more from You? My heart is open to receive You and whatever Your heart desires to tell and to show me. In this life, You have already carried me away in visions of the second coming and of judgment. I am so grateful for these times to receive visions and dreams and to also know the interpretation of what was happening. You never disclose things to me and not help me understand the meaning thereof. Even though I am in the flesh and have not passed on to the grave yet, You have helped me understand what paradise will be like for every believer. Even hell that awaits people who do not repent and get right with You. Our time on earth is so limited, and that is why we must live each day for You, Lord. Every day that I have breath I just want to thank You and seek Your face even more so than before. May Your Words continue to be a lamp unto my feet. I am safe when You are leading me, but am left in uncertainty when the Holy Spirit leaves me. I know that this life does not have to be up and down with our faith, although it is for so many people. Therefore, I pray that people do figure out what is taking them down and apart from You before it is too late. Yes, God, I pray for my salvation and the salvation of others. May more people be saved in Your kingdom when all is set and done. I love You. I trust in You. Amen.

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