Today’s Prayer (04/29/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn what it means to truly love You and to stay firm in the faith. You have put this truth in my heart and I hope and pray that others will also learn from Your mighty hand. It is vital that we abide in You, that You may abide in us. Only then will we keep Your commandments and also love Your ways. For many people, obedience to You is too hard, but to the elect, it is a blessing indeed. We don’t complain when You wish for us to do something but give You praise for even asking of us something like this in our lives. Thank You for even wanting to do a work in and through my life. It is absolutely amazing, and I give You praise, honor, and respect whenever I am called. You are my King and I worship You, God. Have Your way in my life, Lord. Do a work that has never been seen. I am here, ready, and waiting for You to use me once again in Your kingdom. If I am not being used by Your mighty hand, then I have failed You and I am sorry. Lord, it is my prayer that You will fill my life up with righteousness, holiness, charity, and love. May I go about each day with Your light round about me. I wish for every person to see You in me and also glorify the Father. This is what I hope for day in and day out. You make me stronger, God. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.
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