Today’s Prayer (02/07/2021)

Our Father, who are art in heaven, I come before You now in worship and praise. You are my God and I worship You now and forever. Thank You for sending Jesus to this earth, that our sins may be forgiven because of the cross. He is my Lord and my Savior and I am forever indebted for His sacrifice for mankind. Through Him, have I drank from the living waters, that I might be saved. What a Savior and friend. I give You praise for sending also the Holy Spirit to be our guide. It is through Him that certain instructions are given from You first, and then to Your beloved Son, and then to the Holy Spirit, and then to us. I am able to receive the wisdom that is given through from on high. Yes, God, I come to You in Spirit and truth, that I might learn from my God in heaven and not from people on earth who can deceive me. Help me to continue to learn and grow in the faith. As I come before You in prayer, teach me things that will help me and guide me throughout this life. As I read the Bible, open my eyes to things that I have seen before. Help me to know what Your words in scripture truly mean, that I might better teach others Your truths also. It would never be my desire to lead people astray unknowingly, but to always be in Your perfect will. Through doing so, I can be led from temptation, which only You can stop the fiery darts coming my way. Yes, God, I believe In You. Lead me from temptation and help me safely come to You, being found worthy in judgment. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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