Today’s Prayer (01/22/2021)

Oh Lord God of Righteousness, I come to You in praise and honor. Thank You, Jesus, for coming into the world. Because You came and died for the sins of the world, we have forgiveness and mercy. I am so blessed to know that suffered and paid my debt on the cross. I thought I was an outcast and could never be brought into Your kingdom, but You had other thoughts. I thought I was too far gone in my sins for You to rescue me, but it didn’t matter because of Your love for me. Many times I cried out and felt so heartbroken for the wicked things I had done, but the day that I wanted to stop altogether is when I let You in also. Yes, God, I prayed that You would come and take me to new places, and rip out of my life all of my addictions and bad habits, and You did exactly what I knew You could do alone. You gave me a new chance at life and I am so grateful. I had no way to escape an addiction to porn and to remove my lustful eyes for women, but You taught me to love people instead of lust for them. Yes, Jesus, You helped me see people with respect. Thank You, for teaching me. I have eyes to see because You are leading me now. I have ears to hear because You are giving me the wisdom I need to carry on. Even has my heart been opened up like never before because Your goodness flows deep within me. Your patience, love, forgiveness, and mercy, has changed my life. Now, I know that when I eventually die and come before You, Jesus, I will be found worthy. Wow! Thank You for allowing me to be called Your son. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.
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