Today’s Prayer (01/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will grow closer to You daily. Help us to be patient and to learn to wait upon You. So often do we get discouraged because we’ve prayed and no answer has come. But what we don’t realize is that You work on Your own time table and not our own. That is why patience is a virtue for those who learn to be patient for You. As for me, I love Your words in the Bible. They are food for my soul. Each time I read, I am filled with the Spirit. I cannot help but glorify You. Your wisdom continues to fill me, which I am so grateful for. Lord, hear my praise and worship! If I lift up my hands in honor, it is because I love You, God. Because You are with me, I will go wherever You lead me. Even into the fire will I go. You give me boldness to do what may seem impossible. Even to risk my life for the gospel’s sake. People in all the world need to know You, no matter the cost. So please continue to lead me and others in the harvest, that even one person can come to faith because of our efforts. We go forth to find the one in the ninety and nine. It is worth praying for the one person who will receive You. It is worth losing our lives, if one person in the midst of the killers sees Your love in us and goes after You in repentance and faith. This is why I evangelize and am a witness for You, Lord. I love You more than even this life that I have now. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise and honor. I adore You, God. Amen.
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