Today’s Prayer (12/29/2020)

Oh Lord, teach us to be humble. Help us to never lift up ourselves, but others instead of ourselves. You deserve the highest honor, but we also need to lift up people who are left in the dark when credit is due. Lord, in those times that we want to say something great about ourselves, give us different words to speak. Lower our pride, that You may do greater things in our lives. So often do we wish to receive glory for things we do, but that is so wrong. Only You deserve the glory. We are also so wrong when we desire more subscribers and followers on social media sites, that we may become more popular. I know that I have been caught up in this for many years, but I am so happy that You have changed me. Because You have given me eyes to see, I can now see the fallacy in all this. It is now my heart’s desire to only want more subscribers on my website and social media sites, in order to spread the gospel to more people and nations. To not have people look to me in faith, but to fully point them to You. Who am I to do anything good on my own term? For everything that is good comes from Your hand alone. I give You the glory and praise. If anyone is following me in any way, I pray that they will stop. Please do not, I say, for Jesus is the answer and not me or other people. We fall short so often, but You never fail us. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

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