Today’s Prayer (12/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all make a choice to follow You. That it will not be for a time in our life, but every day that we live. And if people have strayed from the path, I pray for their safe return. That people will acknowledge their sins and come running back to You for forgiveness. You so desire to raise us up unto eternal life come death and judgment, but can only this if we allow You into our lives. There must no longer be people straddling the fence and be outside looking in, but be all-in for Your kingdom. We either have Your light shining brightly or are doing what our flesh desires instead. And Lord, I know what this world offers and it is not worth it. I would rather be in Your right standing than to fulfill any ounce of pleasure from the world. Falling into temptations that the flesh enjoys at the moment is not worth the guilt and shame that comes afterward. And what is worse are people who let You go for a time and did not come back to You before their time of death. This brings me to tears. They had You in their lives for a time and something or another took Your love away from them. But will it be worth it after the judgment sentence is set upon them? Absolutely not. Forever will they be wishing for a redo on life. If they could just go back and make that change when they had time. All these thoughts will continue to be with them as they are in the lake of fire, forever bringing them to tears and regret. I am in tears just thinking of their loss. I just pray that my family members and dear friends will make a choice today to follow You, Jesus. And not just today, but until the end of time. As for me, I will follow You now and forever. I love You, Jesus. You are the greatest joy in my life. Amen.

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