Today’s Prayer (10/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person in the faith will strive to seek You daily. Even in constant prayer, Bible study, and doing Your will throughout each day. I love You and can’t wait to do the next best thing for Your kingdom, for You matter most to me. I just can’t see this enthusiasm in other people’s lives that I associate with. What they are doing on their phones, or watching or playing on their big-screen TVs is what matters most to them. Wow! How can people who say they believe in You and still desert You like this? Surely, they have become just like the prodigal son and aren’t even aware of it. Many have heard and seen the good news of the gospel, but have decided to live their lives for the world instead. They say, “I have a life ahead of me. So I got to live it to the fullest.” Again, all I can say is Wow! Why can’t people understand that living this life for You matters most? The riches we gain in this life cannot be taken with us in death. Nor can we come unto You worthily, having become so filthy because of our lusts. I fear that too many people are going to die one day and regret the things they did in this life. How they had opportunities galore to pray, read the Bible, serve in their church, worship You, be a witness for You, and serve in other capabilities that You would have had for them. Lord, these people may repent after death is set in, but it will be too late. So I pray that they will wake up to their sins today and call upon Your Name now. Then, can forgiveness be found while there is breath, and You can still bring forth fruits in their lives. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

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