Today’s Prayer (10/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that my ongoing chronic illness will one day be healed. That You will bring restoration to my nasal passageways and my throat and chest. It is difficult living with constant nasal and throat congestion and to find no relief. People have prayed for me and I have not been healed yet, but I know that if it is Your will, this will one day happen. But if that is not the case for me while in this life, then I will continue to preach the gospel and witness to the lost in my dire state. I will not let a sickness keep me from carrying forth the gospel message to the lost. Satan desires to have me, and for me to doubt You because of my afflictions, but that will never happen. Just like Job never lost hope in You, I will never stop praising You and calling upon Your Name. You know I love You, Lord. I live my life for You and am Your willing servant. So as Your servant, I will go out continue to write daily devotionals and to bring lost souls unto You. If I am still sick years from now, this may be more difficult in the flesh, but not in my heart’s desire to serve You. And Lord, I do pray that many people will join in and pray for me and others also. I am not the only one who suffers from a chronic illness, day in and day out, and cannot find relief. This type of life is terrible and others also need not only Your healing power over them, as I do, but also a relief. We trust that You will come to our rescue and lift us up when it feels so dark. One day, all this sickness and disease will be over. Because You have said it, I believe it. I can’t wait to be with You in heaven, Jesus, and no longer have to experience sickness or death. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

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