Today’s Prayer (08/28/2020)

Oh Lord, my God, please hear my cries and heal my sister Heather. She is suffering right now because of flu-like symptoms and is not getting any better. Even though she is tested and it isn’t COVID, I worry because of her health. I know that You heard the prayer that I offered up for her at her house. You were with me as I prayed. Even as I asked that You would cast out the afflictions in her body and heal her, You did this with me. Lord, thank You for Your presence and for leading me in the prayer through the Holy Spirit. It was evident that I was not alone in the prayer, for You were there. All I ask now is that she recovers from her sickness in full. Come to her now and deliver unto her peace. Uplift her and help her know that she is loved. I did my best to uplift her and bring comfort to her in my time with her. Now, I pray that You will do the rest. Lord, prayers are going up for her from all around the globe. Please listen to them also. I know that prayer can move mountains and that more people who pray will allow there to be mighty miracles that have never been seen on earth. I believe in You, Jesus. You are my healer and my fortress. Thank You for delivering me from my bondage and for consoling me in my trials. I have suffered much because of sickness also, and You have helped me along the way. If it is Your will also, will You also bring full healing to my body? I have suffered from a chronic chest congestion for some time and pray that You will heal me. I love You, Lord. Only with You in my life am I see free. There is freedom in the Lord. Amen.
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