Today’s Prayer (08/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that as Christians and followers of You also, that we will desire to do as the Bible teaches. So if You have spoken in scripture to not print anything upon our bodies, which in our terms is tattooing, that we will stay far away from such things. That we will not allow anything to defile our bodies, especially markings. Lord, I know that our bodies are Your holy temple, and how I could say that I love You if I am going out getting tattoos? The answer is I cannot. Surely, such people who are into carving up their body, thinking it is art, are also far from You. They may say that they love You, but they do not care for what You have taught in scripture. If they did, then they would not be indulging in such evil practices. Instead, they would be abiding in You at all times, that they may become good examples to their children and not bad ones. Lord, on our own terms, we will fall and not be able to escape the sins and temptations of the enemy. Surely, he has put a stronghold upon people who are into the tattoo business and I pray that You will release them from His clutches. In Your mighty Name, Jesus, I pray. I believe in You, Lord. God, will You help people that already have tattoos know how sinful it is to get more? It was already an unholy act to do what they have done to their bodies, so I pray that they will learn from their past and not do it again. There are ways for people to get tattoos removed, so I pray that people will look into these places as well. Our bodies may have been tattered, but they can become holy again unto You, oh Lord. As for me, keep me in Your presence, that I may not fall victim to the ways of this world, which lead unto death. I love You. Amen.
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