Today’s Prayer (02/05/2020)

Lord, I pray that people will make a decision to follow You. So many people claim to know You, but really only a few that follow You. These few that know, know what being born again is really like, but the rest have never experienced it. For if they did, they would not be the person they are today. People would be running to You and not turning back to their old lifestyle, which we see people doing now. God, it is hard to see people that I know and love go back to their former lusts while grieving the Holy Spirit. It is even sadder to know that they are now comfortable in their own way of life, which is very sinful, for they now believe that in their faith alone are they saved. This is very disheartening that there are pastors that teach this false doctrine of cheap grace. Lord, to many wolves are taking Your sheep astray, and I wish I could be a voice to all these people, that they may come to You know personally. It is my prayer that people will understand the need to pick up their cross and follow You. It is one thing to say they believe in You, but another to do as You have and Your disciples have taught us in scripture. We either love You or we don’t. We are either Your friend as we obey Your commands, or we are not. And if we are not on Your side, then we are only living for Satan. This is what I am afraid of, Lord. So convict these people that are living in their sins of the wicked state they are in. Help them know that a lifestyle that goes against Your standards is only choosing death and destruction. It is my prayer that people will start praying more and reading the Bible daily, that they may help them know what sin is and then confess those sins to You openly in prayer. Surely, You are ready to forgive us, as sinners, but we must desire to have Your blood cover us first. I believe in You. You the Lord of my Lord. I love You. Amen.

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