Today’s Prayer (01/26/2020)

Lord, I pray for Kobe Bryant’s wife and family. Right now they are going through a lot of pain and anguish, having lost, not only Kobe, but Gianna, his daughter, as well. I can just imagine how his wife is feeling at this moment in time and my heart is aching because of this. I know that many people looked up to this man, and to see him suddenly dying in a helicopter crash is devastating. So Lord, bring comfort and peace upon those people that are affected. Help me and others get through this sad loss. I know that I will need Your strength to carry on, so I cannot even imagine how other people are dealing with this loss as well. All I can ask in such an event like this is to help people know that life is short. May they make every moment count, especially when it comes to coming to You for salvation. I know that I do not know the hour or day that I will pass on from death unto life, but when that day does come, I will be ready to meet You, Lord. You are my greatest joy and the anchor of my soul. Be with me now and forever. I do not wish to leave people behind wondering where I will be after I die. So let this day be known that I am in Your hands. You are my Lord, and Savior, Jesus. I commit my life to follow You now, as I did those five years ago. Also, Lord, help the Bryant household be at peace. May their faith, if any, grow because of this event. I pray that they will look to You in faith and no longer look back. And as for Kobe and his daughter, You know where they are now. Have mercy upon their souls, and bring peace to those that are left behind. I love You, God. Amen.
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